City of Westminster have come back and their document on ‘Inclusive Design and Access’ is very comprehensive and advocates that:

‘inclusive environments benefit everyone and most of us will experience some form of disability at some stage in our lives. Those who are travelling with small children or are carrying luggage or heavy shopping will all benefit..‘ TRUE!!

‘The access strategy is the starting point and should underpin proposals for development from their inception. Any service provider should have formulated a strategic commitment to make their service more inclusive.’….I think this means that disabled access takes precedence… Restaurateurs take note!  

‘It is important in principle that disabled people should have dignified easy access to and within historic buildings. If it is treated as part of an integrated review of access requirements for all visitors or users, and a flexible and pragmatic approach is taken, it should normally be possible to plan suitable access for disabled people without compromising a building’s special interest’…..I like dignity and I like pragmatism.

This means that in Westminster at least, I have the facts to enable change. Next LB Hackney!!


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