As promised here is the full story of my visit to see Nick Lowe at The Leicester Square Theatre.

Nick Lowe was my neighbour for a number of years, he would often play his music at full blast to make sure it sounded good in the listening environment of his fans i.e. at home!! So I know his music well although I was never really a fan. I moved away but I still heard about his music from our joint cleaner, Jackie.

Last summer I undertook the task of watching every episode of The Sopranos as Lieutenant No.1 had recommended/ ordered me to watch the series. (I had missed  it in a blur of working, socialising and general living). In a couple of episodes a song called ”The Beast in Me’ caught my ear and I bought the single only to learn that it had been written and performed by Nick Lowe. Jackie mentioned to Nick that I was a ‘born again’ fan and so I was invited to his concert.

Leicester Square Theatre was the venue and I rang to see if they had disabled access etc. and this is where the stair climber comes in. They could get me in and out, there were spaces for wheelchair users but no disabled toilet yet (unusual!). A very helpful person at the theatre, Gareth Potts, did all the arranging. So when I arrived they were prepared for me and the YouTube video shows how the ‘climber’ worked and I now want to know why these are not available at other venues – cost issues I guess.

The concert was very good and included songs old and new, I could even sing a long to a few of them. I had never realised how thoughtful his lyrics were. Nick looked very ‘dapper’ and definitely has a stage prescence. The Theatre had bars either side of the auditorium and it was slightly scruffy but definitely cool. The warm-up act was a member of Nicks’ band – Geraint Watkins . He’s a really good ‘blues’ pianist, funny and at times sounded like a Welsh version of Jacques Brel. To top it all Nick sang ‘The Beast in Me’ as his final encore – such a good song.

A brilliant evening, hilarious at times and a very well done to LSQ for being so helpful and caring. I couldn’t have done it without them.

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