I have been looking for trendy, fashionable and stylish wheelchairs for a number of years. Haven’t really found any that are not prototypes or flights of a designers imagination.  Here are some of the best looking,






As far as I can tell the Nomad and Trekinetic are commercially available. Actual suppliers of wheelchairs vary but BromakinGerald Simonds and Da Vinci seem OK. My local one is GBL and they stock Panthera, Kuschall and Otto Bock. Colours Wheelchairs are again more of the same but I really would like to see something that is design as well as function-led. These at least are in production and I loved my Kuschall and Panthera. Otherwise you have to go for sports wheelchairs which look trendy but are not really for everyday use unless you want to play basketball all day or wheel a marathon!


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