I used to be a member of Home House but my membership lapsed and I haven’t been back for years. An invitation to return interested me as I hadn’t been since being in a wheelchair. So I and Lieutenant No. 1 went to a debating society event, The Persuaders, to discuss with Diane Abbott MP the causes of last year’s riots. As this was under Chatham House rules – yes I had to look this up too – I can’t repeat anything that was discussed, but we did leave after the first half as it was winding me up that only one person spoke for what seemed like an eternity! BTW only young Afro-Carribean youths were in the riots! Not what I remembered.

Despite being trapped for an hour and a half we did have time to explore a Club I used to practically live in. Having negotiated the old fashioned ‘gate’ lift  I was pleased to see they had installed an up-to-date disabled toilet on the ground floor near the new House Bar. Previously the disabled toilet had been through 3 sets of doors down a narrow corridor. The Lieutenant refused to do a repeat performance of getting me into the lift so we stayed on the ground floor, it didn’t matter as the best parts are there, the House Bar and Bison Bar.

It is still impossible to get around unaided due to differences in floor levels, various doors and either of the entrances is up a set of steps. Nevertheless the decor and ambiance of the club is amazing particularly the ‘wall lights ‘ in the House Bar and the unique bar design by Zaha Hadid . The garden is also lovely and adapted to any vagaries of the English weather.

It was great to go back and thank goodness I know plenty of members, introduced by me of course, so I don’t have to join again as it is expensive. But good to see that although it is a listed building they have at least installed disabled facilities – take note the restaurateur that told me they couldn’t do that to listed buildings!!

Home House gets 2 BBS Ticks as it is the height of ‘trendy’, has helpful staff, good disabled toilet and a lift of sorts, but not easy to get around or into.


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