I was lucky enough to get tickets for Chelsea vs. Manchester United for 5th Feb. I was accompanied by Lieutenant No.1 and it turned out to be a perfect day out. We went to S. Lucia pizza restaurant in Hollywood Rd., Fulham for a pre-match lunch. It’s not really easily accessible due to a huge step and narrow doorway but the pizzas were worth it. Not even sure if they have a disabled toilet but they are very helpful and accommodating considering the space is limited.

We then walked to the ground through the slush and ice intending to visit the local cemetery on the way as it’s interesting according to No.1??!! But I was too eager to get to the ground. I now know how babies in pushchairs feel when pushed out into heavy traffic – frightened with a mouthful of fumes. The traffic was heavy as they close nearby streets, which was good as  it felt like a really local event.

Access to the stadium and the ‘away’ seats is easy. The disabled seats are in the ‘Lower Shed’ and have a superb view of the pitch – that is until everyone stands up. But not a problem as you can see enough through the crowd. Talking of the crowd the banter/songs were hilarious and they – the crowd and the songs – changed from hatred to love as quickly as a header from Hernandez! When Man Utd scored at 3-0 down we went wild and I was totally involved in the celebration as everyone turns to their neighbour out of sheer joy. I can’t remember ever having so much male attention. But the ultimate positive was the free disabled places, at what is one of the most sought after events of the football year. I assume this is down to Mr. Abramovich!! So well done my new Russian hero!



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