I have visited Vue in the past and have written about the positive experience I had at the cinema ( see my post of 7/11/2011 under Theater & Cinema).

However on 23rd of December I sent a friend to book some tickets for the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. He was told he needed a ‘carers pass’. I had never heard of this and eventually had to give them my Blue Badge Number over the phone. I complained to the manager of the call centre, that on the website it’s not obvious how you book a disabled seat. It transpires you can only do this by phone as they ‘need to know any special requirements’! Something that could be equally accommodated on-line. He agreed and said he would be asking the web designers to assess whether this was possible.I offered to help!?!

I thought this would be the end of the hassle, but not so – I and Lieutenant No.1 arrived on the 28th at 4pm to see the movie. We were shown to the seats and waited through the trailers only to realise that we had been shown to the wrong cinema and were to see Sherlock Holmes. Lieutenant No.1 went back down to find out where we should be – I watched 20 minutes of Sherlock Holmes. This was all very stressful, especially as the beginning was all slow motion fights and explosions. We were then rushed out of the cinema and we had to wheel across the atrium to a completely different set of cinemas. We arrived in the correct cinema just in time to see the start of the movie. (I felt like I was in a YouTube comedy shoot – Lieutenant No.1 being Indiana Jones rescuing me from the under 15 Block Buster Trailers!!).

All in all this was an adventure to say the least. The film started much later than published, we had sat in 2 sets of disabled seats – all very comfortable with good views, albeit the wrong view/Vue. As a result we then had to rush to a dinner appointment at The Harwood Arms (reviewed under restaurants section), for which we were then 30 minutes late – another farcical exploit.

I can’t wait until on-line booking is developed !!?? I have contacted Vue again and I will update with any development/free tickets.


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