On a recent visit to Kaohsiung (Taiwan’s second city, population around 3 million) I was struck by the excellent disabled facilities that put London to shame. Firstly each stop of the new underground system seems to have disabled lift access direct to the platforms. Also there is only a small gap and no step up/down between train and platform so you can wheel a wheelchair directly onto the train (but you are asked to do this in reverse).

At the airport the first thing that struck me was the perfect height internet stations for the person in a wheelchair. Contrast this with Hong Kong airport where I could not see such an arrangement.

I also took a look at the disabled loo at the airport and this was impressive:

1. automatic sliding door

2. “always on” intercom at ground and sitting levels …

3. support bars in the down position for the loo and the sink (sink at right level)

Amazing what a bit of thinking can do!


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