Last week, feeling frugal, I and Lieutenant No.4 (you know ‘The I Don’t Care Carer’), went to The Garrison in Bermondsey St. It’s part of the Riding House Cafe group, see my previous review. Bermondsey St. used to be a hang out in my younger days, when I went to go to the rougher side of town looking for ‘bad boys’. It has certainly changed and is now very trendy – neighbouring Borough Market has rubbed off on it!

I arrived on my own with my taxi driver Tim to help me in. We had pre-booked and discussed if everything was on a level for a wheelchair etc. It was, except for the step in and the door ledge. This threw the staff and they asked if I had booked and warned them of my visit! A prime example of why visits by Blue Badge Style are needed!!

Once in, I then asked to use the disabled toilet which is beside the bar. Not a lot of room but usable, however it’s used for storage so you need to ask before you visit. Good hand rails but no mirror which meant my re-application of lipstick had to go amiss.

It is very much a pub with food and decorated in the ‘shabby chic’ style. The food is good and simple, I had Kedgeree and No.4 had Pheasant we followed this with Ginger  Bread  and Profiteroles. The ambiance is good and ‘buzzy’. It was packed so you obviously have to book in advance. The staff were friendly and they have cinema nights which I’m intrigued by as there didn’t appear to be much room. However I couldn’t easily get to the back of the pub to see the whole space.

Quite a good place to go especially as Bermondsey St. looks worth another visit and at least they’re a pub with a disabled loo. They score 2 BBS Ticks.

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