I and Lieutenant No 4, went to Hakkasan in Hanway Place near Tottenham Court Rd after a visit to a networking event in Centre Point. No.4 acted as my legs that night and got the right people to network with me.

I had always thought and been told, that Hakkasan would be difficult for me to get into. Not so, they have a lift – near the kitchen as usual- and there are 3/4 steps to go down. However, a very nice doorman negotiated my chair down said steps and we were in!

It is dark, distinctively decorated and full of atmosphere, with tables large enough to take my chair. It was quite full for a Monday which says a lot about the place. Service was excellent and knowledgeable regarding which wine to drink. The duck with mango was lovely and the Chenin Blanc was a good accompaniment. It’s expensive for a Chinese but it is a high class place with unusual Chinese offerings.

Only slight problem was the toilet, it was easy to get to but I wondered how many wheelchair users had made use of it. I’m not overly big but I had to do an ‘Austin Powers’ 18 point turn to get in with the chair. Very embarrassing as I thought I had good driving skills. Anyway once there, it was fine. But I was concerned as to how I was going to get out – again a member of staff was on hand to help but it was unnecessary as it was much easier to exit. Gave everyone a good laugh, including me. I think I will go to the sister restaurant in Mayfair next time and re-test my motoring skills.


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