I and the American Lieutenant No.5, with his girlfriend, went to the York & Albany near Regents Park. I looked forward to it as it was a Gordon Ramsay establishment. On their website it said ‘disabled accessible’ and I rang to check on the toilet situation, all OK.

I arrived and straight away went to the toilet only to find it had a support bar that didn’t work – it flopped straight to the floor. Unperturbed my Lieutenant was able to support it on the bin – precarious but it worked. ( Why is my life now reduced to toilet inspections?). Afterwards I pointed out the problem to the manager and I insisted, with my best smile, that my glass of champagne was on him! He obliged and then paid for another round of drinks – lovely.

However, there was another problem the printer for the orders wasn’t working so our starters came out piecemeal. Mine was 10 mins after the others. I did suggest they use pen and paper to tell the chef the order?!. When they did come my Pizzette was delicious. Unfortunately my Lieutenants 2nd course then had two large bits of gristle in his pie – which was also delicious apart from the obvious. To their credit these dishes were deleted from the bill.

I have to say the restaurant manager was very apologetic and embarrassed – more free drinks were served. All in all a bit of a nightmare but we still had a good night largely due to the copious amounts of alcohol served! They will certainly be given a second chance when I go back to inspect the toilet.


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