Last Wednesday I went to meet a friend in The City. It had been re-arranged many times so I was not going to be put off by a student protest or a black cab blockade of Trafalgar Square. What a mistake! We got to the City no problem but getting through the Police ‘Ring of Steel’ took an extra half an hour. I’ve never seen so many police in one place and although I was late for lunch I felt very safe.

Sauterelle  (another DandD restaurant) , is in the Royal Exchange  and the disabled entrance (ramp) is at the back  entrance, on the pedestrianised square next to Cornhill. So no problem getting into the main ground floor shopping area and Brasserie. It’s a very beautiful building and a surprise for someone who had worked in the City for many years and not visited it since the refurbishment. The lift is hidden in the corner and goes to the restaurant on the first floor. A short wheel and you’re there, overlooking the atrium with great views for people watching.

I had telephoned in advance about the wheelchair and they were ready and waiting for me and didn’t create a fuss. I informed the manager we only had an hour so speed was of the essence. They duly complied and we were served without being rushed. I had a wonderful crab ravioli and my companion had a delicious lamb steak with a ‘hotpot’ on the side. The Sancerre was also very good. On finishing the meal in record time, another manager helped me to the lift and wheeled me to my taxi. A super meal and even better service – my new favourite City restaurant!

I forgot, there are disabled toilets in the basement via the lift but I had no time to try them as I had to escape the oncoming protest!!


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