For many years I have used acupuncture for general well being. I found it gave me energy and more importantly it reduced the length of time a cold/virus would last, from a week to one day of discomfort. More recently I have found my legs and ankle swell due to lack of movement. I tried drugs, MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) and attempted to get compression socks on my ankles ( not possible on your own in a wheelchair). So I resorted to acupuncture and within one hour my ankles went down and they are more or less back to normal now. This may be a combination of all the treatments but I know where I will go first if the swelling returns.

My acupuncturist is Yana Stajno and is based in Muswell Hill. Do contact me if you want her details.

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  1. Claire Baker

    Hi there, I have suffered with swollen ankles for many years. I have not worn a skirt since I was in my 20,s. I’m now 45. I feel so ugly with my oedema ankles.

    I am a couple of stone over weight but even before I put this excess weight on, my ankles were swelling. Its embarrassing and debilitating.

    Please can you advise me where this acupuncturist is please?

    Kind regards

    Claire 🙂