This summer I wanted to stay in Val de Lobo, Portugal, in a villa, not only were they expensive but practically none were disabled friendly. This was the best I could find I didn’t go so I have no idea what it was like but the pool looked great as you could wheel into it.

I had better luck in Vilamoura which had a superb hotel with a great disabled room The lake Resort. Very stylish, modern and not overly expensive for the area. The staff were very helpful and there were ramps everywhere. Getting into the pool was difficult but fun for all concerned with helping me!

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  1. Brian Jensen

    Why not go to a place in Thailand with 100 % wheelchair access.
    New villa in Hua Hin, 200 km from Bangkok
    I have been there many times, and I know it’s perfect. There is room for 8-10 person, and 4 of the bedroom/bathrooms are accessible for disabled people, there is also a lift, a pool lift chair, and a 2 person spa that is designed for the disabled.

    I’m paraplegic my self, so I know what’s needed for people in a wheelchair, and this place offers the best facilities I have ever seen.

    The ticket to thailand costs a little bit more, but it’s very cheap to stay there. So in the end there’s not much difference.

  2. Gonçalo Miguel

    SulCare offers a full mobility service to customers that includes equipment sales and rentals alongside a full delivery service and after sales care specially in the Algarve. We are also able to provide contacts for customers that require holiday properties or hotels that are equipped for elderly and disabled people, as well as nursing service in the Algarve.