The Hereford in Notting Hill was suggested by Lieutenant No 1, as somewhere I should review.

Rang first re disabled toilet and level access – the only problem I was told would be a step to negotiate at the entrance. We arrived and the entrance was duly dealt with – not too difficult. We were greeted with astonishment that I was in a wheelchair – had I not been clear on the phone?! We then realised why – there was only one table suitable for a wheelchair, a table for four and  and we were two.

A rocky start but the food made up for it. Lots of game and a very fresh and tasty crab starter. The Lieutenant thought the chocolate cake was the ‘best ever’. Our waiter was excellent and very happy in his work. The atmosphere was good but probably better in the leather seated booths. However you couldn’t sit there unless you transferred out of a wheelchair. Toilet was very accessible as it was right next to our table. The Hereford has to be commended for this as I have been to many restaurants in London where they have been old buildings refurbished and have been given ‘exemptions’  regarding the need for a Disabled Toilet. (I often wonder if  the reasons for this are monetary???).

I will be going back but probably for lunch. I will also warn them about my wheelchair.

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