The other Friday I and my trusted Lieutenant visited Marcus Wareing’s Restaurant The Gilbert Scott at St. Pancras.

My first visit had been earlier in the year and as it was newly opened their disabled facilities were a bit haphazard e.g. I was told there was a lift  and ramp into the bar but the ramp consisted of three willing waiters lifting me, in my wheelchair, into the bar. OK for me – maybe not for the waiters! There were  other obstacles to my night out on the cocktails, but I don’t want to dwell on the negative.

This time I went to the restaurant proper via a working lift and the meal was lovely. Very high ceilings and wonderful Victorian decor. The food was good too – my Lieutenant particularly liked the Chicken and Snail pie. He also finished off my Eccles Cake dessert which was delicious. However, the real bonus came when the Maitre D’ said he realised I had had a less than perfect visit last time and the bar manager had set up a table for me in the bar, where they would like to offer me some free cocktails!! (There was a ramp as well)!

So well done for remembering me and thank you for a great night out. xx. Definitely going again.

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