I have just relented and converted my bathroom to a wheel-in wet-room. Thanks to my builder Paul and designer Roger at Nonsense Design, we have created a stylish bathroom that does not look out of place in a 5 Star hotel. I went mad on a special sink from Hewi , (German design) and the stainless steel bars were custom made. However, they cost the same as the horrible white ones the Local Authority suggested. The OT and the guy from my LA both approved and loved the bathroom. It cost 20% more than the grant from the Local Authority but it was worth every penny.

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  1. Rachel Coffey-Brittain

    Love your hand rails. I am thinking about redesigning our downstairs bathroom and trying to future proof it. It will include a level access shower and I will be needing some good hand rails. As an NHS physio who worked in paeds I’ve seen plenty of adaptations and know exactly what I don’t want! Who did you get to make them for you?