The Frontier Stove. A Portable Log Burning Stove.

The Frontier Stove was designed with portability in mind: the sturdy legs easily fold down and the flue can be dismantled and stored inside the belly of the stove.

The total weight of the stove and flues is 10kg, there’s even a convenient carry handle on its side so you can grab it and go!

The Frontier Stove has a 60mm diameter flue so that after use the flues can be stored inside the stove for convenience. This cunning design feature means you never lose anything and your Frontier is always packed ready for the next adventure.

We recommend only burning well-seasoned, dry timber as this will give you the most efficiency and greatest heat output.  If you do find yourself burning green unseasoned timber and you are finding it difficult to keep the stove operating (for example running poorly and producing little heat) you may experience some restriction in draw as your flue starts to build up an internal layer of ash. At this point you will need to clean flue with a brush.


Weight 10kg nett, 12kg gross.

Assembled: 2140 x 300 x 500 mm. Packed: 300 x 300 x 500 mm

Power Output 2.5kw. Flue size 60mm (2.25”), fuel type: Wood

Suitable for: Bell tent, Outdoor, Shed, Tipi, Yurt.

Colour: Black.

Made in P.R.C




The perfect way of cooking outdoors if you have a lot of people to feed.

The Frontier Stove Story

The Frontier Stove is a portable log burner originally designed for use in the humanitarian aid world. From humble beginnings, this little stove developed a cult following due to its clever engineering and robust design and is now heating up the camping world!

Around one third of the world’s population still cook on solid fuel and the health problems that arise from breathing in toxic fumes from open fires is a very real problem.

The Frontier Stove was designed to remedy this problem. It has a long flue, which transports harmful fumes away from those cooking on the stove and the increased efficiency means that less fuel is needed. The Frontier has been sent out to disaster zones all over the world and has stood up to years of rigorous testing in the field.

A portable woodburning stove.


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