What is a Blue Badge Style Access Gallery?

The Blue Badge Style (BBS) Gallery will create a warm welcome for people with disabilities. Showing accessibility or otherwise up front saves embarrassment and reduces anxiety for potential customers, their friends and families. It will also be a permanent training/information aid for staff. They won’t need to spend time explaining your accessibility, you can just show instead. It’s a multimedia journey through a venue for people who are less able and it addresses all disabilities. In the same style as your venue’s brand it highlights the facilities and notes any potential obstacles. You can create your own BBS Gallery and it will be up and running in hours if you follow our instructions below or just contact us for more information.

Why a Blue Badge Style Gallery – ‘A Single Perspective of Disability’

Watch this video to understand why a BBS Gallery is invaluable in a disabled world. Not all disabilities are visible or the same & nowhere is 100% accessible!

Integrating a Blue Badge Style Gallery into your offering will entice people with disabilities to make an informed decision to visit, spend money (£250Bn, DWP 2017) and have a good time! It appears as a neat button on your website. This clicks through to multi media images of your facilities in the same high-quality style as your brand, with pins and notes on various access points. It is also available on mobile via the Blue Badge Style App.


They’re not just for hospitality venues, Dentons the world’s largest firm of solicitors uses a BBS Gallery on their website. It shows the accessibility of their offices for both visitors and employees.

“Making buildings more accessible not only makes for a more equal society but also helps businesses unlock the purple pound, the £250 billion a year spending power of disabled people. This is why it’s good to see Blue Badge Style encouraging other organisations to take creative approaches to making spaces more accessible for disabled people.” Office For The Minister of Disabled People (ex Minister Justin Tomlinson MP).

There are 3 Gallery Styles

Blue Badge Style Gallery – Quick – (Create Your Own Access Gallery)

A Quick Gallery is a way to create your own access statement in hours. Just send us three photos and it can be up and running within 24 hours. We need to see and review three main spaces; the entrance, reception and bathroom/toilet.  We add our guiding notes to these three images which are all in your brand style.

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 12.53.29
Blue Badge Style Gallery – Full

Within a week we can prepare a Full Gallery. The Blue Badge Style Gallery team covers all the relevant access points and facilities, taking stylish images. We then add our guiding notes and host it on our website, providing you with a website-ready button. View South Place Hotel and Angler Restaurant for examples of a Blue Badge Style Full Gallery. 

Blue Badge Style Gallery – Virtual

Our VR team visits and records all the key facilities in virtual reality format. With the addition of our guiding notes the Virtual Gallery can then be presented on your website or viewed via a headset. See an example here .



Blue Badge Style Consultancy

If you’re in the design phase, or having a revamp, we can advise on how to improve your facilities so that you comply with the law without compromising on style. We’re great believers in disability as a driver of invention and that good design can benefit everyone.  As Cliff Kuang says,

“By designing with the disabled in mind, we can create products that are better for everyone else” Fast Company, February 2016

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  1. Catherine Bowles

    Brilliant! I do wish more people would take this up. I have to ring a venue and either hope that they are truthful, or make sure I ask the right questions. This way, everything is transparent and gives FULL details of accessibility.

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