This ‘D’ List takes a look at new mobility aids and their innovation. We previously tested a few, see the results here as well as our last review of rollators  in 2020. Since then there have been developments……

1ST  a New Design Concept WALKABLE.

PriestmanGoode design consultancy and Michael Strantz winner of the Helen Hamlyn walker challenge have worked together to create a better looking walker that is a,

‘desirable and joyful device that motivates and supports users to be more active……….. that is robust yet elegant, effortless and fun to use and makes daily life better for everyone who might be struggling with their mobility.’

This was the original concept that won the challenge. It had a seat, a basket, solid wheels (to help with uneven paths) and was foldable with adjustable sizing.

After working with PriestmanGoode the previous features had the addition of lights on the handles and a device to measure physical activity. Designed to encourage users to be more active, it now resembles sports equipment coupled with innovative technology so users

‘can track their progress and health data whilst making them feel confident and comfortable using a walker’.

A cool innovation but as with many in the UK, it is yet to be produced and released to the market.

2nd Rollz Motion Electric

First of all this rollator at £2990 ex VAT is not cheap but it is 3 mobility aids in one – a rollator, a manual assist wheelchair and an electric wheelchair. Rollz have recognised that mobility can vary over time and the Rollz Motion Electric is designed to allow users to,

‘stay active and be supported throughout different stages of decreasing mobility’.

It looks like previous Rollz machines and it’s a shame it’s only in black. However it will be a game changer for many people.

Here’s how it works,


3rd is The LifeGlider

This is a mobility aid/walker with a difference. It secures your centre of gravity so with limited mobility it allows you to stand, walk or dance handsfree. They say it’s….

‘Hands-free, upright, “fall-safe” mobility. Like a walker, unlike a walker. The only walking aid that will keep you from falling even if you lose your grip or footing.​’

black metal frame with rubber horseshoe shape seat in the middle

This is supplied internationally and from RMS Rehab in the Uk where they feature Tilly, a musician and LifeGlider user.

 “Tilly struggles with balance and mobility, but the LifeGlider has restored her freedom and independence’. She created this life hack – threading the safety belt through the front of her trousers via the pockets of  her jumpsuit – making it less visible at a wedding!

It costs £895 or $695 +.


We applaud all of these developments however one of the most stylish rollators on the market is still the byACRE range that includes: the new indoor version, the Scandinavian Butler and the outdoor Carbon Overland as well as the indoor/outdoor  Carbon UltralightNordic Pioneer. They don’t have the activity monitoring capability but they all win in the adjustability and ‘looks’ department. At £399-£599 they are at the higher end of the market and have that Ferrari look about them!!

That’s it for now & the next ‘D’ List is adapted fashion – do we need it??

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