‘D’ List Looks at New Assistive Tech for Disabled Users

The ‘D’ List takes an occasional look at new things in the world of disability. This time it’s pieces of technology that have caught our eye ….quite literally in the 1st instance…..

1st The Eye Harp

I first came across this at the Zero Project Conference and it was really impressive if not magical. The Eye Harp allows people with disabilities to play the harp through eye movement as this video shows,

2ND Microsoft Range of Adaptive Computer Tools

The latest innovations include an adaptive mouse, adaptive hub and adaptive buttons, all of which are fully customisable.

They said,

“A traditional mouse and keyboard may pose obstacles for someone with (limited) mobility,” said Dave Dame, director of accessibility for Microsoft. “These adaptive accessories can perform a variety of functions, thereby alleviating a pain point for those who find it challenging to get the most out of their PC.”

The adaptive mouse can be outfitted with 3D printed tails and the adaptive hub buttons can replace or augment a traditional keyboard, Microsoft said.

“What’s more, the adaptive buttons can be topped with a d-pad, joystick, dual button or something unique that’s 3D printed.”

They look well designed so we can’t wait to use them.

3RD ILA an Instant Translation Device

Instant Language Assistant – ILA is a communication device working on a tablet and instantly and effectively communicates and supports multiple languages and disabilities. In the USA it’s used in hotels at their front desk as well as in public offices and medical centres. This helps communication by visually translating speech – choose your language/accent and start communicating. Customers can speak, spell out loud or type and results are immediately displayed and/or voiced to both people in their native language – preventing confusion and distress, especially for those with hearing loss or general communication issues.

There you have our latest trawl – it’s amazing what assistive tech can do! Contact us if you see anything cool, innovative or new for the ‘D’ List.


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