The ‘D’ List (See previous ‘D’ Lists), is a look at new and interesting things in the world of disability.  To kick off 2022 we look at the makeshift gadgets disabled people modify to meet their needs, a digital fashion experience producing clothes that fit and wear perfectly and a revolutionary & stylish foldable wheelchair.

1st Makeshift Gadgets

Just before Xmas I was interviewed by Dr Phil Friend Chair of RIDC the Research Institute for Disabled Consumers, on the gadgets & gizmos I use on a daily basis. You can hear the podcast below. Even though I say so myself, it’s very interesting, not just about the gadgets but also disabled toilets, the definition of style and the best place to go for a special night out.

We all have a cupboard full of un-used disability equipment and also a number of makeshift gadgets that we use to solve every day problems. I discussed the breeze block step by my bed, multiple grabbers and a crutch covered in gaffer tape used to pull me into bed.

We’d be interested to hear what gadgets or adaptations you’ve made to make your life easier, contact us here and we’ll publish the most ingenious ones!

2nd A New Way in Inclusive Fashion Differently Enabled,

Established by Craig Crawford (former Burberry designer, amongst others) who, after being in a coma with Covid, found his recovery meant he couldn’t wear his normal clothes. He had to learn how to use his muscles again and was temporarily disabled. Their mission is ‘Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good’, the video below explains more and they’re looking for ambassadors to trial their digital design facility. If you volunteer you end up with clothing that fits your body and your own style! I’m up for it and maybe this is the breakthrough for the fashionable yet disabled. He certainly understands our aversion to velcro, magnets and elastic everything! They also use recycled, sustainable and ‘pandemic’ surplus fabrics so you can be eco and disabled, something that proves difficult as most of the aids we use involve plastic. I’ll keep you posted on my digital fashion experience……..

3rd Revolve Air – Coming in 2022, promises to be a ‘game changer’ for transporting active wheelchairs.

This folding wheelchair is particularly relevant for air travel although it’s equally useful for storage in other small places such as a car boot or railway carriage. It takes ‘60% less space when folded’ compared to other chairs and means no check in hours before a flight. The only issue we see is that they need orders or investment to go into production. When you see the video below you’ll realise just how different it is, primarily because the wheels fold as well as the frame and the case it sits in is small enough for cabin baggage on an aircraft. It also features sleek Italian design in a white, strong polycarbonate case – a very chic and cool looking wheelchair. Here’s hoping it’s not another good idea lost due to lack of financing. They need a disabled investment banker, just like Craig the fashion designer above who experienced disability first hand!!!

So that’s a good start to the New Year. If you know of any exciting new developments in the world of disability contact us. 

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