When it comes to luxury presents at Xmas, guess what, disabled people are no different than anyone else (don’t know why this should be a surprise?).

We too want – perfume, candles, CK briefs, cashmere scarves, cash, jewellery or even that ‘nice to have’ power tool you saw on TV! But here are a few less obvious ideas for that disabled relative or friend.

1ST Things for the senses and decor for the home are always welcome especially if someone is house-bound. So why not find a piece of art or an ornamental object such as this mobile from The Conran shop, colourful and interesting.

Turquoise Mobile 'Objet d'Art' from Conran Shop -Interesting to Look at for The Housebound at £139
Turquoise Mobile ‘Objet d’Art’ from Conran Shop -Interesting to Look at for The House-bound at £139

Lovely smelling candles or room diffusers are also welcome such as these from Heals and Jo Malone,

2ND Technology – A Window on the World. This year the new iMac hit the shelves and it’s a cool looking device that is a disabled person’s way or interacting with the world outside of their four walls. It’s probably the best desktop you can buy for looks and ease of use and could be considered as an essential luxury at £1,249. But don’t forget that computing accessibility/screen readers are also a good (free) gift such as that from AbilityNet who also help you get started for free.

New iMac in Blue - Computing Luxury at £1249 - A Window on The World For a Disabled Person
New iMac in Blue – Computing Luxury at £1249 – A Window on The World For a Disabled Person

3RD Accessible Experiences such as those from Access Adventures who  are ‘delivering life-changing adaptive sports & activities’. They also have a great idea of gifting to their charity when you buy from certain high street shops, read more here.  Their Access Adventure Packages are adrenalin filled ‘excursions without barriers’ range from water ski-ing & snow ski-ing to paddle sports and yoga.

4TH Latest in Crutches & Canes. A More utilitarian yet luxurious present is the latest in carbon fibre crutches and canes from INDESmed. They look good and are ergonomically designed to prevent tendonitis from extended use, we call them the ‘Armani’ of  walking aids. There are also a cheaper aluminium versions. Both are quiet and light unlike many other crutches/canes. You can buy from our online shop, Additi+on Collection and range from £53 (ex VAT) – £200 (ex VAT).


5TH For That Disabled Fashionista (Man or Woman), Ponchos and capes are on trend and are easy to put on and give great coverage in a wheelchair or scooter. It’s a little known fact that in the rain, wheelchair users can get very wet legs and ponchos are usually the solution but those available in care shops or sites are often are made in the cheapest nylon in navy or a bright pink with nothing in between – wouldn’t be seen dead in one!! So Thank heavens that capes/ponchos are ‘fashion friendly’ at the moment. Here’s a selection for men and women from High Street to Designer. Ranging from £49.99 (H&M) to £830 (Burberry) so something for everyone.


6TH Gourmet Dinners Delivered really started in earnest during lockdown and they’re here to stay. A way to add luxury while not having to leave home. Nationwide operator  Dishpatch delivers meal kits or finished meals for that special Xmas entertaining. The range is any cuisine and includes high cuisine operators such as Jose Pisarro and Cafe Murano. They even have dishes under £25. The Osso Bucco feast from CAfe Murano looks particularly appealing and at £100/2 is not overly expensive but is a touch of luxury at home.

Plates of Italian Food
Osso Bucco Feast For 2 From Cafe Murano £100. A Treat For a House Bound Xmas


There are several other “hot” new delivery-only food brands outside of the UK such as Berlin-based Keatz and London-based Taster — and online grocery players, including Stockholm-based Mathem, Moscow-based Instamart.ru and Amsterdam-based Crisp  US food delivery player Uber Eats and Just Eat give you countless choice when it come s to eating in!!


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