Periodically we take a look at new developments in the ‘mobility aids’ world. To be honest not much changes from year to year, as you can see from our previous Trendy Stick Guide , but we have some…

…Good News – if you use crutches/sticks this video sounds familiar…………the M+D crutch by Mobility Designed is a great example of designers re-inventing an archaic mobility aid. The story below rings so true and fits the BBS ethos that design of mobility aids should come out of the ‘dark ages’ and progress at the speed of other technologies.

Unfortunately their Kickstarter Campaign didn’t hit their investment target but Liliana from Mobility Designed says

“Don’t worry! That will not stop us. We are determined to see this through, and have raised funds elsewhere. We had an encouraging response from people who saw the campaign and believe in our product, so we won’t let them down!” Great news….

The M+D Crutch, Designed For Comfort & Ease of Use. Also Has a 21st Century 'Storm Trooper' Look ???
The M+D Crutch, Designed For Comfort & Ease of Use. Also Has a 21st Century ‘Storm Trooper’ Look ???

The expected retail price is $250-$300 and they hope to go into production this summer. We like them as they look good and will aid a whole host of walking problems.

…The Bad News – we’ve been looking for a trendy quad or tripod cane for a young follower. We’ve been unsuccessful and have just found one that’s the same as all the normal aluminium canes but coloured blue. This one is from Walk Easy in the USA. $54 plus $44 airfreight charge! If anyone knows of a better quad/tripod cane contact us.

Quad& Tripod Sticks are Still in the 'Dark Ages' , Unfortunately - But You Could Glamorise Them With the Help of Glamsticks
Quad& Tripod Sticks are Still in the Dark Ages , Unfortunately

I guess you can always get Glamsticks to pimp your quad stick. Here’s an Ossenberg crutch given a ‘Punk Look’,

Glamsticks 'Punked Up' Version of an Ossenberg Crutch
Glamsticks ‘Punked Up’ Version of an Ossenberg Crutch

…Slightly Better News is the Rollermate Walker which is a Swedish concept to help if you’re in need of minimum support. TBH it looks a bit dangerous with wheels as support but it’s slightly more discreet than most walkers. This can be bought from designed2enable at an ex VAT cost of £140.

The Roller Mate Walker, Discreet But Only For The Slightly 'Less Able'
The Roller Mate Walker, Discreet But Only For The Slightly ‘Less Able’

…And Finally Some More Good NewsTop & Derby canes from Canada, that we featured in the Trendy Stick Guide, are now shipping to the UK via their online shop. They are simple, comfortable and stylish canes that don’t fall down when you rest them against a wall. They cost £63.28, depending on the £/Can$ rate, plus shipping (approx. £47 at todays rate). Hopefully someone will stock them in the UK. The video again shows how designers are realising that the simple cane also needs an elegant facelift!

Three Colours Available ..Lights-out Black, Crybaby Blue, and On-the-vine Red.
The Top & Derby Cane Comes in 3 Colours ..Lights-out Black, Crybaby Blue, and On-the-vine Red.

It’s painfully slow but ‘Style & Disability’ are becoming the norm. Any chance of speeding things up a bit???



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    1. Fiona JarvisListing Owner

      Which pair are you referring to?

  1. Mimi Thompson

    According to their website, designed2enable does not ship the Rollermate walker to the US. Is there any information if/when it will be available in the US?

    1. Fiona JarvisListing Owner

      Hi, We’ll find out from Rollermate and get back to you