The Riding House Cafe in Gt. Titchfield St., was the venue last night. I went with Lieutenants 2 & 3. Lieutenant 3 is the film director for my videos – coming soon to You Tube.

As always I asked  about accessibility on booking, there were no surprises. I was warned of the step to get in – it was big but the cab driver managed it. Once in everything was great. Very relaxed atmosphere, staff very helpful without making a fuss and the disabled toilet was good ( see the shots on my latest video). Above all it felt like a trendy place without being too up itself.

You could eat a lot or a little or just have a drink. We had a couple of small plates while we waited for Lieutenant No 2, who’s mostly late. They were delicious especially the sausages and the fish and chips were lovely. A wine list with a good range of tastes and some unusual choices. Our waiter was knowledgeable and recommended a very drinkable if slightly expensive Sancerre. They also didn’t mind our raucous laughter, as I went to video the toilet with the camera resting on my stomach whilst I wheeled myself around – this will now be known as ‘belly cam’ and follow this link to see it on You Tube.

Definitely going back. Had a great time.

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