The clocks have gone back and all of a sudden it feels like winter but here are some useful tips to keep you happy as the nights draw in:

First some colourful makeup to brighten the darkest day………Jordan Bone who after a car crash left her paralysed and unable to open and close her hands, she taught herself to use her mouth to apply makeup. Many of her videos have gone viral but here’s one for winter,

Next some Autumnal beauty advice from Emily Davison, Fashioneyesta, who doesn’t let visual impairment get in the way of her love of fashion and beauty, and is determined to change other people’s perceptions of the disability.

Finally some common sense advice on how to keep happy in Winter from Claire at FB Group Vain With Brains……….

So go out get some fresh air, put on a big smile (or just red lipstick) and look forward to the Festive Season!

If anyone wants to share their tips on how to keep happy & bright in winter just Contact Us.

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