A few weeks ago we produced the ultimate guide to Stylish Sticks. Following on from that a number of ideas have been sent to my inbox. Here are the ones I thought were the most interesting and show how designers realise we won’t accept the same old 70’s style equipment.

First comes from Canadian firm Top & Derby, we featured their canes in the article mentioned above. They’ve now come up with fashionable compression socks. I must admit I’m not sure I’d wear them as they’re not ‘Armani’ enough for me but it makes a cool offering from something that is often necessary but ugly to wear – no navy, black or tan for these guys. You can order from their ‘Kickstarter’ project and they’ll be able to produce them when they get enough orders?? Take a look at them on this link.

Cool Compression Socks From Top & Derby Can be Ordered on Their Kickstarter Project. They Produce Them Once They Get Enough Orders
Cool Compression Socks From Top & Derby Can be Ordered on Their Kickstarter Project. They Produce Them Once They Get Enough Orders

Next is the EscaWheel Accessibility Device. This is a way of getting up and down stairs in a wheelchair. They are a Chicago based outfit and are looking for funding now, again on Kickstarter.

It’s designed to be

‘more cost-effective and efficient than the currently existing technology’.

It certainly appears more pragmatic than a platform or indoor lift and we hope it is made with style in mind. The project is trying to raise $25000 in 30 days on Kickstarter so we hope they do get produced.

Next is a new project for a standing wheelchair. We’ve seen these before but this one hopes to be cheaper and more stylish than those on the market. If you get our newsletter you would have seen the concept models and been able to give comments on all of them. They’re from Centaur Robotics and are being designed by former product designers from the Ford Motor co. with the help of a physio from Gt. Ormond St. They look exciting and the first prototype should be coming soon.

The only pictures are avaible on the survey link so take a look here.

Finally something that’s available now, a new scooter that looks a bit more trendy than most. From an Israeli company Tzora they claims it’s

‘Foldable and detachable in seconds without effort or bending!…….Compact, highly maneuverable, allowing it to be transferred easily into a car, a bus, a train or a plane.’

Apparently it’s much lighter than other products on the market and I know our reader Spencer Deane flies all over the world and thinks this is the best on the market for looks and portability.

Tzora Scooter, Portable & Cool? Maybe. We'll get a closer look at NAIDEX 2015
Tzora Scooter, Portable & Cool? Maybe. We’ll get a closer look at NAIDEX 2015


Copy of IMG_0037
Tzora Scooter Would Look Cooler With a Younger Model – Am I Being Ageist or Just Pandering to The Needs of Advertisers??


We’re going to Naidex so we’ll report back on it’s looks. If you’re going on 29th April I’ll be talking about ‘How Enjoyable Shopping With a Disability Is’…….Any idea what I’m going to say??? Post you comments here.

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