The Michelberger Hotel has one of the strangest websites for a hotel you are likely to find. Rather than sticking to one of the basic formats used by most hotels it has a giant cartoon space ship to explore. It’s all quite surreal but it all fits in with the style and vision of the hotel.

The hotel is part of the youthful music scene in Berlin. The beer garden operates as a music venue in the evenings. The design is creative and youthful. The rooms are basic but stylishly designed. Some areas even have a slightly unfinished feel which gives the hotel it’s youthful, vibrant feel. The rooms have a variety of different themes. The atmosphere is warm and informal. Staying at the Michelberger is a genuinely unique experience – much like visiting their website.

The hotel is easy to get around in a wheelchair. There are disabled rooms with wheel-in showers and double beds that can divide into singles if you are with a carer. Both the bar and the restaurant have disabled toilets nearby.

The only reason to take points off the Michelberger for accessibility is that they themselves have said they want to do more for the less able. This is an admirable trait and we hope that where they can they do! But if they don’t think they have perfect access then we can’t give them five out of five.

Even with this the Michelberger still receives, provisionally, a maximum 3 BBS Ticks.


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